We specialize in the Design, Supply and Construction of Oak frame structures using traditional building methods.

We are your leading local supplier of Oak frame buildings. Based in Tilston, SW Cheshire, we are ideally situated to service Cheshire, Merseyside, Lancashire, Manchester, Derbyshire, Staffordshire, Shropshire and North Wales.

Q. Will I need planning permission?

A. This really depends on several factors, size of structure, design and location. Please call us to discuss your requirements and we will give advice. We can handle all planning applications for a small fee.

Q. Can Cheshire Oak Structures handle the whole build from start to finish or just supply parts of the project?

A. Yes, we offer to manage the whole project and will be in control of all aspects of the build, from groundworks to the last gutter clip! Or if you wish we can work with your own builder and roofer. As much or as little as you require. We can also supply just the oak frame and softwood timbers if you wish to build yourself.

Q. What are the timescales involved?

A. The Oak frame usually takes between 2 to 6 weeks to produce in the workshop, depending on the size of the frame and how busy the production unit is at the time. If we are to construct the groundworks, then these are produced whilst the frame is in production. Once the frame is ready it is delivered to site, then the build will take between 5 to 15 working days, again depending on the size of the structure.

Q. Are all your structures bespoke or do you have a standard range of designs and sizes?

A. We offer both, a standard range and a bespoke service.

Q. Will I need to treat the Oak and the weatherboard cladding?

A. This really depends on the look that you want to achieve. The real answer is no, the Oak and the weatherboard cladding will ‘silver down’ after some time, maybe a year or so. However some customers like to keep this looking bright and this can be achieved by various stains and finishes.

Q. Apart from the Oak frame what else on the structure will be Oak?

A. This is again down to the customers choice. We offer Oak weatherboard cladding, Oak rafters and all joinery products, ie. windows and doors. However softwood options are also possible.

Q. Where is your Oak from?

A. We source our Oak from England & Wales whenever possible, however due to the lack of availability most of the Oak is from France and parts of Europe where sensibly managed forests have been producing Oak for the timber industry for years.

Q. Is it possible for you to visit our home and give advice?

A. Yes, we initially suggest a telephone conversation to establish your requirements, we can then arrange to visit your site to progress your enquiry.