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Oak Frame Garages

Oak frame garages are the most popular structure we build as they are very flexible in the end use. Each model can be adapted for many uses in addition to providing garaging & carports, customers often choose to add a workshop, potting shed, etc. Each client may have their own ideas, with our standard layouts offering a simple and quick solution as the starting point. Most of the bespoke Oak garages /outbuildings designed for our customers are based on the Standard frames with additional design detail. Size, layout, joinery and finish can all be designed and built specifically to your requirements. Typical features include such items as partitioned bays, personnel doors, garage doors, roller shutters doors and various styles of windows.


We use a bay width (overall 3.1m) which is amongst the largest in the market to accommodate opening doors and the largest family vehicles and 4x4’s. We offer a choice of depths and ridge heights which means our standard sizes can fit the dimensions of most sites and you can benefit from economies of scale. If, however, your site has limitations on size eg. a limited turning circle, we can also accommodate these factors into our design and produce a more bespoke Oak structure.


It is worth considering that on our lower ridge height structures planning permission may not be required. 


All our Oak frame garages feature a traditional jointed Oak frame, made from substantial timbers, with knee braces, mortice & tenon joints held together with Oak pegs.


If none of our standard layouts are suitable, please call our office to discuss how we can adapt one of the layouts to suit your requirements.

A case study in a 3 bay Oak Garage design and building.

An Oak Garage adds a whole new function to a Shropshire home.

An Oak Frame Three Bay Structure, Two Garage Parking Bays and Implement Store in Shropshire was required by our client.

Not long after moving back to Shropshire and settling in to their new house, we received a brief for exactly that and then visited the premises to see exactly where the Oak building was to be located. A site visit...

Click here to read the rest of our case study of our 3 bay oak garage project >>>

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