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We have a large catalogue of designs available to provide inspiration for your Oak Frame Structure. There are several ways to start the design process the most popular is for the client to let us know what type and size of structure is of interest and we will send out a full information and technical pack. Alternatively, if you already have a sketch or drawing please send this over with your details and we can provide further inspiration.

Once you have had the opportunity to consider the design options together with the price indication information and you have a good idea of requirements for your Oak Frame Building, ie design, size and location we should be in a position to advise if planning approval is required. We would then arrange an appointment to survey your site to confirm the details before putting together a detailed price quotation.

If required we can then prepare all necessary documents and process the planning application, on your behalf. This includes site plans, elevation and plan drawings of your structure, along with three dimensional drawings.

Once the design and price are agreed we provide a detailed contract and drawings for agreement and sign off before your Oak Frame is produced.

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