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Oak Log Stores

Our Oak log stores can either be standalone structures designed to sit against an existing wall or building at your property or be designed to be part of a larger structure such as a garage or outbuilding.


As with our other Oak Structures our log stores are made with constructional grade Oak with traditionally jointed knee braces. The Oak posts sit on staddle stones which then sit on either a concrete base or concrete footings.


A choice of roof covering can to used, slate, tiles or cedar shingle to co-ordinate with the rest of your property. An Oak log store can be divided into two, one section being used for logs and with the other part weather boarded to create a secure storage area or can be used as a sheltered seating / veranda area. Even our smaller structures are very flexible in use and can be tailored to your individual needs.


Our gallery shows examples of the styles and different use of log stores we have built over our eleven years in business.

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