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Oak Frame Carports

Oak frame carports are a popular option where clients do not want a fully enclosed structure. An Oak carport can be open on all sides or have one or more sides enclosed depending on the clients preferences and where it is to be sited within the property.


The roof can be gable ended or hipped. If you require a roof with a lower roof pitch this can be achieved by using cedar shingles as the roof covering. An Oak truss can be used in the gable end as an additional decorative feature. We can design a secure area for the storage of tools or garden equipment to sit alongside the open car port bays.


Oak carports are one of most flexible structures both in terms of size and style. Generally the bay width is based on our standard size of 3.1m but depending on the space available at site this can be changed to some extent. Oak frame carports are particularly useful when they are required to sit up against an existing building.


As with all our Oak structures our Oak frame carports feature a traditional jointed Oak frame, made from substantial timbers, with knee braces, mortice & tenon joints held together with Oak pegs.


Please call our office to discuss your requirements and the designs available.

Testimonials about our oak frame carports

Mr Hughes, Mobberley

Oak frame carport

“A very professional company and great people to deal with. When questioned about things I received good, honest answers and an oversight that happened in the erection of the garage (car port) was dealt with quickly and efficiently with the least amount of fuss. Can’t fault the honesty and integrity of the company and all its staff and subcontractors.”

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