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All our Oak Frames are designed using the latest CAD technology, have full structural calculations, are manufactured using traditional techniques and are hand finished to enhance the natural beauty of the wood. Here at Cheshire Oak Structures we use traditional methods and combine these with the latest design techniques to create the best possible Oak Frame Building for our customers.


We use a choice of workshops and select the best one depending on the type of Oak Structure you require. Each workshop manufactures from substantial constructional grade green Oak using traditional time-honoured techniques including mortice and tenon joints, cog joints, knees braces, draw pegs, purlins, finials, fascia boards, etc.


All the Oak used in our frames is sourced from the best quality wood yards, mainly in France and originates from sustainable sources in most cases.


All the joinery elements, doors, windows, etc. which accompany our Oak Frame Structures are made by craftsmen to produce heavy duty, long lasting products, with maximum weatherproofing and of exceptional quality.


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