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Outdoor Living

From simple Oak frame gazebos and pavilions to fully insulated Oak frame summerhouses, this is where our designs have no limits. Reality is only limited to creative thinking and planning. This is the speciality of Cheshire Oak Structures, how we differ from other producers and a large part of the secret to our success.


An Oak structure allows you to use your garden for longer and offers often much needed protection from the variable British weather. An Oak frame building can be used for cooking, eating and relaxing adding both a stylish and functional element to your garden. We have included kitchens, pizza ovens, fire pits and hot tubs in our designs which can be traditional or contemporary in style.


These outdoor living structures can be produced to fit a variety of dimensions to keep in proportion with your property and garden. There is a choice of roof coverings with cedar shingles providing a sympathetic feel to match a variety of surroundings. Some clients choose to include an additional truss or tongue and groove boarding under the roof, these are just a couple of examples of how a structure can be tailored to suit your individual taste & needs.


Several top designers and award-winning gardens have used Cheshire Oak Structures buildings in their designs.


We hope you will agree there is nothing nicer than sipping a refreshing drink, in the garden, in the evening sun while sat in a beautiful Oak structure.

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