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Oak Frame Structures are ideal to enhance outdoor living either with Oak Summerhouses, Cookhouses, Oak Frame Gazebos or Pavilions

Here in the UK we probably talk about the weather more than any other nation as it has such an influence on how we live and what we do, in particular how we use our gardens and outdoor space.

Our Oak Frame Structures are ideal to enhance your outdoor living and mean your garden can be enjoyed as a functional space all year.

This year we finished an Oak Cookhouse in time for the client to use over Christmas and another client threw a New Year celebration in their gorgeous Oak Frame Summerhouse which meant they could use their pool and hot tub, looking out over the sea for the party!

Despite the name, our Oak Frame Summerhouses can be used all year round. Summerhouses are very flexible, choose a more traditional style or full height Oak windows and doors give a contemporary design. These Oak buildings can be used for many purposes in addition to relaxing and entertaining often being used as offices or work rooms as they are so light, bright and airy. There are different levels of internal finish meaning you can fully insulate the structure if you wish. One client moved into their summerhouse before we'd finished it he was so happy with it!

As everyone's property and garden is different we design and build in different sizes and styles to suit country, urban, traditional or modern properties. Whether you choose an Oak Gazebo, Pavilion, Cookhouse of Pergola it will enhance your property and add value. Our Oak Structures are customised bespoke designs creating a recreational space where you can entertain or relax.

Now is a great time to start planning your project ahead of the summer months. We are here to help at each stage of your project from design right through to the final completed Oak building. Perhaps the first points to consider are what is the primary use, which is the best position in the garden, where will the sun be (especially if you want to sit on a veranda enjoying the evening sun), what is the ideal size to be in proportion with the property and what is the budget?

For further inspiration take a look at the Outdoor Living pages on our website. Here you will find plenty of design ideas for Oak Summerhouses, Oak Gazebos, Oak Pavilions and Oak Pergolas.

We are here to help at each step from design, supply and construction. There are several ways to contact us to discuss your project, the traditional, by calling the office on 01829 250919, the most popular by using our online enquiry form, or if you have photos, sketches of ideas it is best to email on

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