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Why Choose an Oak Frame Structure?

There are many reasons to choose an Oak Frame Building both practical and aesthetic. Here at Cheshire Oak Structures we believe Oak is a beautiful material both to look at and work with. Our team of craftsmen use time honoured techniques to construct each and every one of our Oak Structures. Oak buildings work well in almost every situation from an urban site to remote rural locations. An Oak building is a substantial structure that is built to last much longer than your lifetime, definitely an investment piece rather than a disposable solution.

Being a natural product Oak is full of character, each timber is different and unique due to the variation in grain. As your Oak building ages the timber weathers naturally and the appearance is very sympathetic to the surroundings. A Cheshire Oak Structures building uses Oak of the highest quality, our Oak posts are amongst the largest in the market at 175mm x 175mm which means you get 25% more Oak than the Oak Frame which uses 150mm x 150mm posts. All our Oak buildings feature a traditional jointed Oak frame, with knee braces, mortice & tenon joints and held together with Oak draw pegs. The other materials we use are all of correspondingly high specifications and readily get signed off by planning departments if the site is in a conservation area or a listed property.

Our team of trained craftsmen are specialists in the construction of Oak Frame Structures and apply our core principals of attention to detail to every aspect of the job. In addition to using traditional Oak Framing techniques we also use a combination of our own tried and tested building methods to ensure the structure is weather proofed and finished to the highest possible specification.

All our Oak, where possible, is sourced from sustainable, managed forests, mostly from France but also from other parts of Europe where sensibly managed forests have been producing Oak for the timber industry for years. We do source from England and Wales whenever possible but unfortunately the supply of British Oak has been depleted over the years. The use of timber is often considered more environmentally friendly than other building materials, as it is classed as Carbon Neutral.

Oak frame buildings are versatile structures which can be used as an open frame for a Carport or an Oak Gazebo or, at the other end of the spectrum, to create a fully insulated living or work space. A single structure can have many uses with our designs using a variety of sizes, layouts, styles of joinery and different finishes specifically to match your requirements. Typical features include such items as partitioned bays, personnel doors, garage doors, roller shutters doors and various styles of windows.

Cheshire Oak Structures Oak Garages, Oak Summerhouses, Oak Workshops, Oak Offices, Oak Frame Cookhouses are strong and durable. Each of our Oak Buildings has a full set of design drawings plus full technical and constructional drawings and every structure has a complete set of structural calculations and adhere to building regulations.

The time taken to complete the project is relatively short compared to other construction methods. The Oak frame usually takes approximately 6 to 8 weeks to produce in the workshop, depending on the size of the frame and how busy the production unit is at the time. If we are constructing the groundworks, then these are done whilst the frame is in production. Once the frame is ready it is delivered to site, then the build will take between 14 to 30 working days, again depending on the size of the structure.

Perhaps the best way on summing up why you should choose an Oak Frame Building and the Cheshire Oak Structures service is from this testimonial:-

“If, like me, you believe that you get what you pay for in life, then Cheshire Oak Structures will not disappoint. The quality of the materials, organisation of the build and attention to detail are the best we have experienced from contractors.

The finished article is a testimonial to their commitment to excellence. We used Cheshire Oak Structures to supply the full turnkey solution, all the various tradesmen were very obliging and polite which is a small but important when dealing with clients on a prestige build.

We have no hesitation in recommending Cheshire Oak Structures and already we are getting good feedback from friends and neighbours.”

Mr & Mrs Perkins, Nantwich

Two Bay garage with log store

A quality, well built and maintained structure will outlive you! There are historical Oak Frame Structures that have been in existence for hundreds of years especially in cities such as Chester and York in the UK.

To find out more about our range of Oak Garages, Oak Carports, Oak Gazebos, Oak Summerhouses, Oak Cookhouses and Pavilions, Oak Stables, Oak Workshops, Oak Offices, and Oak Swimming Pool Enclosures contact us by completing the enquiry form or calling on 01829 250919.

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