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Oak Garage for Listed Building creating space for teenagers, no problem, here's how we achieved

The enquiry we received for an Oak Frame Garage with first floor accommodation south of the historical town of Shrewsbury turned into one of our most interesting projects to date.

Our clients live in a beautiful ancient timber house. We often get asked how long an Oak structure last for, this house was built in the 16th century and is a listed building with the grounds being of historical interest.

We were challenged to design an Oak garage with upstairs space to replace the small existing two bay garage which as you can see wasn’t in keeping with either the property or the neighbouring countryside.

Our client also wanted a space for their teenage boys and friends to socialise away from the main home. We designed several options and layouts working with the client at each stage. This is the design which was chosen and used in the planning application we prepared on behalf of the client.

Being a site of historical interest the planning permission, once granted, had several conditions attached to it. A archeological dig had to take place. Shropshire’s answer to Time Team visited the site carefully excavating to find out whether there was anything of significance before the groundworks could start. We also had to submit samples of the materials used in the Oak building, the Oak timber, softwood cladding, slate roof covering and guttering for approval by the Shropshire County Council planning department. The building had to meet aesthetic and quality requirements to match the environment and listed status of the property. We wondered how the two bay garage ever got approval!

Once all the conditions were met groundworks began. Followed by the delivery of the Oak frame and the construction process of erecting the frame, then ridge and rafters before the weatherboarding was fitted.

The Oak staircase, other joinery including heritage velux windows were next to be fitted. Then the joists, rafters and flooring were installed. There are several important safety considerations when fitting floors. All out buildings have structural calculations and meet building regulations. Very important factors for your safety but also the longevity of the structure and if you ever come to sell your property.

Once the Oak frame building was constructed we could begin on the internal fit of the structure to create the extra space for the teenagers! We fitted membrane, insulation and Fermacell board to create a warm, stylish living area with shower room.

This created the perfect games room and also a space which can be used for guests. Within days of the garage being finished we received an email saying the boys and their friends had moved in, playing table football and guitars! It’s an attractive, well used space and a very sympathetic fit with the house and countryside.

The family have a beautiful Oak frame building, much needed extra space, which has enhanced and added value to the property plus the teenagers are out of earshot!

The best starting point to find out more about our services is to click here, there is also a section on frequently asked questions to help, or complete the Request a Brochure form.

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