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Two Bay Oak Frame Garage - From Design to Completion

Our most frequent enquires are for two bay garages and three bay garages. We received an enquiry for a two bay Oak frame garage with log store from a couple in mid Cheshire, half way between Chester and Macclesfield. After sending out an information pack with design ideas and price indications we arranged a site visit to discuss the setting, the best design to suit the style of the property while meeting the requirements for new cars. At a site visit we gather all the information we need to create the full design drawings and a detailed price quotation. Here's the site when we first visited.

The brief we had was to design a garage to house a new car that was due to arrive and make better use of the driveway space while fitting in with the proportions on the property.

We designed an open fronted two bay Oak garage with log store and slate roof to sit alongside the existing one bay garage which matched in the existing lines of the property. This involved clearing an area which wasn’t really used as either garden or driveway to open up more space and create access with ease of parking and turning.

After agreeing the design and contract for the Two Bay Garage with Log Store our groundworks team went in, cleared the area, and installed a reinforced concrete base with dwarf brick wall which the structure sits on to prevent the timbers from standing in water.

Once the base and dwarf brick wall are finished the Oak frame, softwood rafters, ridge board and weatherboard are delivered from our workshops. Our team of joiners arrive on site to start the construction of the Oak Garage. We use a mix of time honoured joinery skills and traditional joints with modern methods to construct the best possible quality structure we can. Our buildings are built to last and feature many details you may not find elsewhere to create a weatherproof, solid building which is very sympathetic to the surroundings.

The Oak frame goes up first, with traditional mortice and tenon joints which are double pegged to ensure the structure is strong and secure. Our joiners then “cut on” the rafters and ridge board before making the stud walls ready for the weatherboarding to be fitted. Our rafters, stud walls etc are all made from substantial strong timbers to create a sturdy building that will last for more than your lifetime. Clients can choose from a range of weatherboarding types but most go for the feather edged Larch as it weathers to match the Oak frame and gives a watertight finish as it does not move and split as much as other types of weatherboard.

The end result was a beautiful two bay Oak garage that fitted perfectly into its surroundings being framed by the driveway and house. We hope you agree it looks stunning. At the clients request we also fitted an Oak gate and our groundworks team installed the driveway to complete the project.

This projects shows how we work from start to finish to design and deliver a structure including additional features such as driveways and gates. Our clients don’t have to speak to and co-ordinate with several contractors, we do it all!

If you’d like to learn more or discuss a project click here to see more on Two Bay Oak garages, complete our Request a Brochure Form or if you prefer call the office on 01829 250919.

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