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Cheshire Oak Structures - Very Versatile Oak Designs

We design a range of different building types at Cheshire Oak Structures. Our Oak framed garages and outdoor living designs are possibly what we are best known for but we also create designs which combine several different uses.

These multiuse, adaptable designs are valuable additions to any property. As time passes our lives change and what we need from a property does so too. As families grow, often more storage space is needed, or as recently, lifestyles change and this has meant space is needed to work from home. Oak frame buildings can offer attractive, flexible and multiuse solutions for your property. Offering many different uses. Very flexible.

Often, we are asked to design a garage with workshop space, which will also provide additional storage space. To show how versatile these Oak workshop garages can be we have included a few examples of these Oak designs below.

We designed this pretty two bay Oak garage near Macclesfield. The customers asked for a secure garage for their car plus a second bay enclosed with an Oak personnel door and window to create a secure space which they use for storage and as a workshop. The use of the second bay could easily be adapted in the future to provide office space, if required.

The three bay Oak garage is probably our most popular design. These Oak garages offer an excellent way of creating a multiuse structure. We designed and built a three bay Oak frame workshop with resin floor for the customer to work on and maintain his hover craft and other garden equipment and machinery. More recently, in Spring 2023, we designed and built the three and a half bay Oak building with two garage bays and a large workshop space for a customer in North Shropshire.

‘L’ shaped designs can easily be achieved with an Oak frame building. An additional two bays are used to create the corner area. The design below is in the countryside south of Manchester and provides garage space and a workshop area behind the roller shutter doors. The enclosed section is used as a tack room, which has access from both sides of the building, plus a log store out to the rear. Again, this is such a versatile Oak building as the tack room could be used as an office, for storing garden equipment and the log store could be used as an Oak veranda/seating area.

Often with multi use Oak designs there are many questions to consider at the start of the project. These may include:-

· Will an oak frame building add value to my property?

· Will my building be secure?

· What about insulation and heating?

· What are permitted development rights?

· Will I need planning permission?

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S) section on our website can help answer many of the questions at the start of a project. When discussing the design we talk through the end use, the exterior and interior finish specification. We can fit insulation to the base, walls and roof area of the structure, depending on your requirements, allowing the building to be used all year round. Many of our structures are used as guest bedrooms, office space, games rooms.

One smaller design we created for a Harley Davidson loving customer, at Rainford, this features a workshop and motor bike storage bay plus potting shed and veranda area. This attractive Oak design provides many uses in a small footprint adding so many options to the property.

We can design and build Oak frame structures with many different uses, if you would like to see examples of our range of designs the gallery is the best place to start.

To find out more or discuss your plans please call the office on 01829 250919, email or complete the online enquiry form.

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