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How to Add Extra Living Space with a Cheshire Oak Frame Structure

Cheshire Oak Frame Structure designs can create an Oak Annex, Oak frame gym, hobby room or bespoke Oak frame guest accommodation.

To follow on from a previous blog we’d like to talk more about how an Oak frame structure can be much more than an Oak garage and how it can add valuable, useable, living space to a property.

We often get asked for garages to accommodate additional space whether it’s for… guest annexes, offices, teenagers space, gyms, entertaining areas, hobby rooms (art, music, crafts) and storage space. Our Oak designs create very valuable and useful extra space at a property. Whether the extra space is for work or leisure an Oak frame structure can provide each, or all of these.

The first two are garages where our customers wanted to accommodate a gym area within their oak garage. One in the space above, as ground space was limited and the other adjoining . Both had lots of windows to take advantage of the lovely views whilst exercising and also to make it feel light and airy.

3 Bay Eaton Design with Garage & Living Accommodation in the first floor

3 Bay Beeston Design Garage & Gym

3 bay Peckforton Garage design & Storage Area above

This customer lived in a converted chapel, which didn’t have a lot of storage space and his hobby historical re- enactments had taken over their house and they wanted to combine a garage with his hobby . We worked with them in creating an oak building that accommodated both . A two bay garage with a workroom and the loft space boarded out for storage. Our Peckforton garages have standing height storage space, so are ideal for this.

An extra deep Carden design Garage & Office/Garden Room

Our customers in leafy Altrincham wanted to replace an old timber garage, down the side of their property, with

a garage, an office away from the house and an area to relax in the garden.


The brief for this lovely building was…. a little haven we can retreat to in our garden, pleasing on the eye from our house and can be an additional bedroom when family and friends visit.

Oak Cook House bespoke design

Who doesn’t enjoy a social gathering, many of our customers enjoy a good party. To help with this and provide the extra space needed we have designed and built a wide range of very flexible Oak frame outdoor living / entertaining areas over the years. Oak frames are ideal to provide shade in the summer plus shelter in the other months and can be used 12 months of the year hosting summer celebrations, lots of barbeques plus wonderful Christmas dinners and New Year parties.

Bespoke design Pool Shack

Our lovely customers wanted a playroom for the whole family away from the main home and around their stunning outdoor swimming pool.

Bespoke design Music Room

Our Clients find Oak frame annexes and Oak summerhouses ideal for hobbies such as music and art as above .

If you have an active hobby or enjoy a good workout we have a range of designs which create the perfect space to house an Oak frame gym or golf studio. Cheshire Oak Structures can produce bespoke designs to ensure specialist fitness equipment can fit in your Oak gym. We even produced a bespoke Oak gym design for an Olympic medal winning athlete!

If golf is your sport, our Oak buildings make the perfect golf studio. Again, we can use bespoke dimensions and measurements to accommodate the space needed for your golf swing. All our designs have structural calculations very important when it comes to building regulation sign off.

Oak buildings are beautiful on the eye , embrace you ,are light and airy and being built from natural materials create the ideal space.

As we always say we can design and build Oak frame structures with many different uses, if you want to see examples of our range of designs the gallery is the best place to start, then please get in touch to discuss your next project by calling our office on 01829 250919, or email or complete the enquiry form and we will send you an individually tailored information pack.


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