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As we talked about in part one of this blog we have designed and built Oak garages to house a great variety of cars and vehicles of all shapes, models, sizes, types and ages. Cheshire Oak Structures garages are home to Maserati’s, Ferraris, Porsches, Mercedes, BMW and Land Rovers amongst others.

The four bay Oak garage and six bay Oak garages have been very popular with customers with car collections including Porsche, Japanese models and Ferraris. We have also designed and built a variety of 7 & 8 bay Oak structures over the years.

Oak framed garages lend themselves very well to L shaped designs. This type of design allows for a variety of different uses, including secure workshop areas and equipment storage. The photographs show that larger vehicles such as Range Rovers and Land Rover Defenders fit comfortably into the 3.1m wide bays

This impressive 8 bay Oak frame garage in an L shape provides a workshop area, enclosed garage, log store and plenty of space for a range of cars, garden equipment and also this customer's boat.

Some Oak Frame Garages have been designed with a car lift to help with restoration projects and specific areas for storage of tools and equipment. Oak garages enclosed with doors provide secure housing for many vehicles including hovercrafts, quad bikes and classics such as the Austin Healey. We can also install different floor finishes eg resin, depending on the client’s requirements. The roof space can be fitted out to provide a valuable extra storage area.

Part one of this blog started to give reasons a Cheshire Oak Structures customer chooses an Oak framed garage to house their vehicle, here are some more:-

  • Cheshire Oak Structures offer a variety of Oak designs suitable for all vehicle enthusiasts to help protect their vehicles all year round.

  • Security is another important consideration and there are several options available including fully lockable heavy duty Oak double doors or roller shutter doors, operated by electronic key fobs are very popular and work extremely well with an Oak Frame Garage.

  • All our Oak buildings have full structural calculations to ensure they are strong and stable enough to resist all appropriate structural loads (eg gravity, wind, snow, rain, temperature, etc). Structural calculations are also a requirement for building regulations certificates.

  • Cheshire Oak Structures can either design an Oak garage from our standard footprint, which features bay widths amongst the largest in the marketplace providing plenty of room to safely open doors and move around the vehicle, plus a choice of depths and heights. The 3.9m ridge height is most popular as it often means planning permission is not required. Or, we can design an Oak Frame Garage to bespoke dimensions depending on the specific site eg. without the centre Oak post if there is a limited turning circle or with varying bay widths to suit individual vehicles.

If you would like further information on our Oak Frame Garages, Oak Workshops or other Oak Buildings, or wish to discuss your project please contact us through our online form , call the office on 01829 250919 or send an email to, whichever is easier for you.

From design, supply and construction, we are here for you at each step.


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