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Over the years we have designed and built Oak garages to house a great variety of cars and vehicles of all shapes, models, sizes, types and ages, as you will see from the photographs in this blog. Cheshire Oak Structures garages are home to Maserati’s, Ferraris, Porsches, Mercedes, BMW and Land Rovers amongst others. So many different options that we have had to write this blog in two parts.

For a long time the two bay Oak garage was the most popular but recently we have been designing more three bay Oak frame garages. Three bay Oak garages are very flexible and can provide extra space for garden equipment storage, a potting shed, office space or a workshop area.

There are many reasons a Cheshire Oak Structures customer chooses an Oak framed garage to house their vehicle, including:-

  • Cheshire Oak Structures offer a variety of Oak designs suitable for all vehicle enthusiasts to help protect their vehicles all year round.

  • In the winter months an Oak garage protects from the cold, moisture and damp. The Oak frame and Larch weatherboard construction allows the walls to breathe, meaning they do not hold moisture helping prevent condensation and protecting against damp, rust, mouldy leather, interiors. In the summer Oak buildings are cool and shady and help prevent oxidation which can increase in warmer weather and damage metal.

  • All our Oak garages have a traditional jointed Oak frame created from substantial constructional grade green Oak using traditional techniques such as mortice and tenon joints, cog joints, knees braces, draw pegs, purlins, finials, fascia boards.

  • We have developed and use specialist weatherproofing systems in our construction process to ensure your Oak building is fully able to withstand the elements.

  • Cheshire Oak Structures can either design an Oak garage from our standard footprint or to bespoke dimensions, but we will talk more one than in part two of this blog.

If you would like further information on our Oak Frame Garages, Oak Workshops or other Oak Buildings, or wish to discuss your project please contact us through our online form , call the office on 01829 250919 or send an email to, whichever is easier for you.

From design, supply and construction, we are here for you at each step.


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