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A Case Study - Oak Frame Two Bay Garage with Sectional Doors in Cheshire

The Two Bay Oak Frame Garage, along with the three bay Oak Garage must be out most popular garage designs. Here at Cheshire Oak Structures we offer so many different design and layout options no two Oak Garages are ever the same.

Roller Shutter Doors and now sectional doors have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Both work exceptionally well with Oak Frame Buildings, aesthetically and practically. This two bay Oak Garage case study explains why.

We received an enquiry from a gentleman in South Cheshire who was interested in a two bay Oak garage, after sending our comprehensive information pack the client visited our HQ to understand the details of our Oak structures, including the size of Oak posts, specialist weatherproof construction systems and how the buildings weather over time (there is another blog on this if you need more information click here). We were then asked to conduct a site visit. The Oak garage had to fit into the space allocated on the property and also be the correct size to house the client’s vehicles, one being a Porsche. We created a bespoke design to fit the location and vehicles, then produced a full quotation before submitting and managing the planning permission application, on behalf of the client.

Once the detail of the contract was agreed, signed off and deposit paid, the production slot in the workshop was confirmed and the groundworks timings were scheduled. Once the groundworks, consisting of a concrete pad and dwarf brick wall were completed the Cheshire Oak Structures team of joiners arrive on site to start the frame erection. The Oak frame goes up first before the stud walls for the weatherboard and roof timbers are cut and fitted. Wind bracing is fitted to both roof and walls followed by the Larch weatherboard.

The featheredged Larch is the most popular style of weatherboard as it weathers to match the Oak frame, is durable with a natural resin content and fine texture, giving a watertight finish. It has a lower moisture content than other timbers meaning it does not move as much as other types of weatherboard.

After installation of the roof covering, the client choose a tile covering to match the rest of the property, the Oak Structure was ready for the fitting of the sectional doors.

Sectional doors and roller shutter doors allow the detail of the Oak Structure such as the Oak Knee Braces to remain on view. The doors are available in a range of colours or they can match paintwork elsewhere on your property and are also electronically remote controlled and secure.

All our Oak Frame Garages have full structural calculations. It is surprising how many in the market place don’t have structural calculations, but then you get what you pay for! At Cheshire Oak Structures each garage is signed off with the client at a final site visit. This sign off was particularly interesting as the client pointed out how our Oak Garage design and build differs to that of his neighbour’s garage, the points he raised were more substantial timbers, Oak end rafters, lining up of weatherboard in full lengths, substantial wind bracing, Oak posts and Oak knee braces on display, Oak finials, plus a range of detailed processes to weatherproofing. Great to hear the client appreciate and value the design and build quality we pride ourselves on.

If you would like to discuss a project please either complete the online form, email on or call the office on 01829 250919.

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