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What will my oak garage look like in a few years time?

This question is one we get quite often from our prospective clients who are looking to put an oak framed garage up in their property. With many years of experience in oak buildings, we feel we are qualified to give a decisive answer.

But as they say, a picture speaks a thousand words.

Below is a new build oak garage (3 bay oak garage with log store).

New Oak Garage

In the picture below, we see the same oak garage after a few years. The difference are immediately obvious - the pale colour of the wood has matured and fits in with the landscape.

3 bay oak garage aged

Oak buildings are built to last. One of the oldest oak buildings in the UK is that of Leigh Court Barn, in Worcestershire. Built in the early 1300s, it is the largest cruck framed structure in England.

The picture below is a second example of a new build oak garage. Again it's a 3 bay oak garage, with 2 bays being given over to car parking and the third being a storage room for outdoor and gardening items.

Oak framed garage new

And as with the previous pictures, below is the same building after time has passed. Again we see the darkening of the wood and the more natural feel it has as it fits into its surroundings.

luxury oak garage after time

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