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Two Bay Oak Frame Garage by Cheshire Oak Structures Ltd

“From design, supply and construction we are here for you at each step”

Apart from Oak Frame Garage, Oak Garage, Oak Structure one of the phrases we hear most often when a client calls for the first time is “I need a garage for my new car”. The brief from this client was for an attractive Two Bay Oak garage, for a Jaguar F Type, which needed to sit next to the existing stable block, be in keeping with the traditional Cheshire property and local area which includes a lovely Oak Frame pub and of course the Oak garage needed to be secure and provide the best conditions for the vehicle.

The two bay Oak garage was designed to sit next to the existing stable block. An Oak post veranda was included to provide shelter when the doors to the Oak garage are open and also to co ordinate with the style of the front of the existing stable block. We conduct a site visit to discuss the design plus practical requirements of the proposed Oak buildings and also to assess site specific implications relating to ground works and drainage which need to be included in the project.

This Oak garage is a bespoke design for our client. All our Oak buildings have full technical and constructional drawings with structural calculations. With Cheshire Oak Structures our buildings are designed and built to the highest standards to ensure the building is structurally sound, can withstand the elements and like the pub near this project last more than a lifetime. You’d be surprised how many calls we get regarding buildings other contractors have built for advice and to correct issues but that is a subject for a another blog!

The client loved our traditional design kiln dried Oak double doors which are very solid and secure. The Oak and weatherboard combination means the garage is breathable which is ideal to protect engines and bodywork of vehicles.

Once the design and contract are agreed the production slot is booked in the workshop and the ground works start. The area is surveyed and the base dug out to allow the re-enforced concrete raft to the installed. We can and do build using concrete footings especially where the client wishes to continue the driveway surface into the garage, but the re-enforced concrete raft is the most popular. A dwarf brick wall is built on the raft which the frame sits on. The wall and the staddle stones mean the Oak structure is kept out of any water. Our hand cut Red Cheshire Sandstone staddle stones are the most popular but we can source and build with brick and staddle stones to match your individual property.

Once the base and wall are completed the frame delivery is organised and our team of specialist Oak frame joiners arrive to construct the frame. Each frame uses traditional constructional methods such mortice and tenon joints, Oak knee braces and Oak pegs. The weatherboard is fitted to the sides and gable ends of the Oak garage then the scaffolding goes up ready for the installation of the roof covering. The client choose slate for this Oak frame garage but we often fit tiles or cedar shingles. Finally the joinery whether it is heavy duty kiln dried Oak double doors, windows, or roller shutter doors.

The guttering and downpipes are usually the last items to be fitted. Again, clients can choose to use the same style of guttering as on the rest of their property. The Oak structure is cleaned before the build is signed off with the client.

The front page of states “From design, supply and construction we are here for you at each step”. Hopefully this blog illustrates how we deliver that service which has been developed constantly over the 13 plus years since our launch. Each design and build from Cheshire Oak Structures is bespoke to the client to match the intended use of the Oak structure, the existing property, local surroundings and the practicalities of the site.

Find out more by completing our enquiry form or call the office on 01829 250919.

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