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The Benefits of Using a Turnkey Solution for Your Oak Frame Structure

What exactly is a turnkey solution? The front page of The Cheshire Oak Structures website states “from design, supply and construction, we are here for you at each step”, this is basically a turnkey solution. We provide all the services and manage the process for you from start to finish to create a wonderful Oak Frame Building.

This blog explains the benefits of using a turnkey or if you prefer, a full service solution for your Oak Frame Structure. Of course, as with everything at Cheshire Oak Structures there are standard and bespoke options which apply to the actual Oak Building and also to the service.


At Cheshire Oak Structures Ltd we have 14 years experience of the Oak Frame Business. We provide a friendly, hands on service and pride ourselves on having a reputation for delivering a high-quality service. Our craftsmen use traditional skills and a high level of attention to detail to build a beautifully crafted Oak Building to enhance your property. You can see what our customers say about our Oak Buildings on the testimonials section on the home page (please scroll down) on our website.

Design a solution to suit you, your plot and property

We offer a full design service from initial concept drawings, to CAD images, to elevation drawings for planning permission. Once the contract is signed, we produce a full set of technical working drawings for the Oak frame building.

There are a variety of starting points for your Oak building. After you make an enquiry, we send out an information pack to give you more design ideas, specification information and price indications. From there we can book a site visit and work up the design or you can send us a sketch. We think discussing the ideas and options is the best way to decide which is the best option for each customer.

Full detailed quotation and specification

After the site visit, we produce a full detailed quotation for your structure. This takes into account the specific groundworks, depending on each site, which are required, the structure we have designed, the construction of the Oak Frame and the installation of the roof and guttering. We cost each element in detail, right down to the individual gutter clip to ensure the quotation is as accurate as possible. Designs and options often change, as we move through the process, if they do, we provide a reworked, final quotation before signing off the design drawing and contract with each client.

We can prepare planning drawings and we can undertake planning applications on your behalf in most of the geographical areas that we cover.

Once the planning is approved, these may have certain conditions attached, particularly if you have a listed building or are in a conservation area. We can help by providing samples of materials, weatherboard, roof covering, etc. for the planners.

Independent design and cost advice

We are an independent company and can help select the most appropriate design and materials for your Oak Frame Structure, whether it is an Oak Frame Garage, Oak Summerhouse, Oak Pavilion or Gazebo or one of our other Oak Buildings. The raw material suppliers we use depend on the individual design.

We are not the cheapest on the market but we like to think our structures and build quality are the best. We can help explain the differences when comparing to other suppliers. For example, the Oak posts we use are larger which means you often get 25% more Oak, our bay sizes are larger so you can open car doors but this does mean there is a cost impact. Our frames are traditionally hand crafted as are our joinery products. The images below show the differences in build quality between a Cheshire Oak Structures frame and a competitor's, we will talk in about these in detail in another blog.

Cheshire Oak Structures Ltd Build Specification Low Specification Build from a Competitor

Cheshire Oak Structures manage each part of the process and act as project manager

Again, this part of the service is tailored to the client’s individual requirements. We act as the project manager from start to finish, managing each part of the process. We design, quote, contract, organise the technical drawings, co ordinate the workshop, get the groundworks completed, schedule the delivery, then co ordinate the craftsmen and materials for the build. That is a lot of conversations, calls, emails, texts and planning with our team and suppliers. Not forgetting things change, which means more phone calls. We have a pool of trained, experienced craftsmen, so there is no risk of the project not being completed to the correct standard. Cheshire Oak Structures do everything for you.

Cost control throughout

We analyse each part of the build both during the construction and after completion to make sure the price indications, we sent out with the first information pack relate to actual builds. For each project we closely monitor the costs at point of ordering raw materials and during the build.

All Cheshire Oak Structures buildings have technical drawings

Once the contract has been agreed our workshop produces the Oak frame. Each Oak Building has its own set of technical drawings, for the groundworks, brick wall and construction of the frame.

All the structures built by Cheshire Oak Structures have full structural calculations which are very important not only to ensure the stability of the building but also for if you come to sell your property and for Building Regulations purposes.

We have a pool of experienced, time served craftsmen

Our various construction teams are experienced craftsmen. We use different teams for each area of the build, that’s an experienced professional for the groundworks, a team of joiners for the build and an expert roofing team. All our craftsmen are fully qualified and specifically trained in the construction methods we use. We use a system we have developed and refined over the 14 years we have been in business to ensure the best possible build quality.

With you every step of the way

We offer a very personal service and work directly with our customers on every aspect of the building from initial site visit, design drawings to final construction on-site. If you would like to find out more please fill in the enquiry form or call the office on 01829 250919.

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